Why Congressional Republicans Should Go Over Fiscal Cliff

There has been some talk within some talking head shows about the Congressional Republicans and President Obama, and talking about the Fiscal Cliff. Within this talk it has been brought up that President Obama has the upper hand when it comes to talks on the Fiscal Cliff.

The first reason why the Republicans should not be concerned with what President Obama has to say on the Fiscal Cliff is that the President has no authority over fiscal matters. Only Congress has that authority. Thus, Congressional Republicans should just ignore the President on these matters since the President is talking about doing things in which he has no authority to do it. Congress “creates” and passes the laws, and President either signs them into law or veto’s them. President is not involved in creating these laws at all.

The second reason why the Republicans should not be concerned with what President Obama has to say on the Fiscal Cliff is that President Obama talked about going back people being treated equal, having the same laws apply to them, and have the same shoot. The Republicans can point out that in order to be consistent with these things that President Obama ran on is to go over the Fiscal Cliff. Going over the Fiscal Cliff will make it so that all citizens are affected equally instead of only part of citizens being affected and others not being affected. This would prevent people being treated equally and this would limit people having the same shot.

The third reason why the Republicans should not be concerned with what President Obama has to say on the Fiscal Cliff is that President Obama talked about going back to the Clinton economic policies. So the Republicans should point out that the bush Tax cuts were based on lowering the tax rates of all Americans by lowering them from what Clinton had them. So point out that in order for President Obama to say anything about Clinton economic times and policy, it would be necessary to get rid of the Bush Tax Cuts that applied to all Americans. This would mean going over the Fiscal Cliff.

The fourth reason why the Republicans should not be concerned with what President Obama has to say on the Fiscal Cliff is that Congressional Republicans were elected by their constituents, which can either be a district for the House of Representatives or a state for the Senate, and this implies that they support their position on this issue (unless majority of constituents say otherwise). They are elected Representatives, and they do not have to worry about how other people in other states think, or other districts, but only the people they are sent to Washington to represent them before the nation.

The fifth reason why the Republicans should not be concerned with what President Obama has to say on the Fiscal Cliff is a mix of the second reason,  third reason, and fourth reason. This is based on how President Obama supposedly has a “Mandate” from the American people. The Congressional Republicans may point out that they have a “Mandate” from their own constituents like the President does as well. The Congressional Republicans may point out that President Obama’s “Mandate” is about people being treated equally, and people would not be treated equally if one group of Americans have their tax rate raised while another group does not have their tax rate raised as well. The Congressional Republicans may point out that President Obama’s “Mandate” is to go back to the economic policies of Clinton and not George W. Bush, so get rid of the Bush Tax Cuts, which means going back to the tax rate under the Clinton Administration which means going over the Fiscal Cliff.


Don’t Sleep on Barry O!

Ever wonder what happened during Obama’s college years? Well, a tape has surfaced. It appears that he was still a person of inclusiveness, but he happened to mess up the rotation. Take a look and you’ll see what I mean about his inclusiveness and his messing up the rotation. So “Don’t Sleep on Barry O!”.

The 47% and 2012 Election

Well, the 2012 Presidential Election is “done”. We have some results in. Here is something that I found funny. Mitt Romney made some comments about the 47% of American citizens that do not pay income tax and receive benefits from the federal government. Here is something interesting from the election results for President in 2012.

51% of the popular vote went to Barack Obama, which is about 62,262,675 votes. 48% of the popular vote went to Mitt Romney, which is about  58,894,887 votes. Now here is what is funny, Mitt Romney made some comments about 47% of Americans, and Romney happen to get 48% of the popular vote. So 121,157,562 cast a vote for either Obama or Romney, and of those, 48% went to Romney. So did the 47% vote for Romeny and Romney received 1% of the vote from the 53% of Americans that do pay an income tax? Maybe some of Romney’s friends who only have a capital gains tax instead of having to pay the income tax, all voted for him and some of the 53% voted for him as well, at least 1% of the 53% who pay income tax.
Funny how Romney got the 47% he talked about and got 1% more. Looks like that video did nothing wrong and spoke the truth, and the people voted for him for it. Too bad he did not say what was needed to get the majority of Americans, those 53% that pay income tax. So out of 100 American citizens, 53 of them pay income tax and 47 don’t pay income tax. Romney received 48 of the votes and Obama received 51 of the votes, and other people received 2 of the votes, out of an assumed 100 votes total.
Here are the simple ideas in basic logical form of a syllogism: All those who do not pay income tax (i.e. 47%) are voted for Mitt Romney in the Popular vote. All those who voted for Barack Obama in the Popular vote are those who do pay income tax (i.e. 53%). Some of those who voted for Mitt Romney in the Popular vote are those who do pay income tax (i.e. 53%) and Some of those who did not vote for Mitt Romney in the Popular vote are those who do pay income tax (i.e. 53%).

Fiscal Cliff and Tax Increase

You might not have heard, but there is this “Fiscal Cliff” that the federal government is coming to. One of the big points about it is that if we do not come to a deal by the end of December, on January 1st everyone’s taxes will increase. President Obama happened to make the point that everyone’s taxes will increase, especially the 98% of Americans that make under 250,000 dollars.

Here’s my question: So what?

What does it matter that 98% of Americans, or every American, is going to have their taxes go up? Close to half of Americans don’t even pay income tax, while of course paying other taxes like those who do pay income tax have to pay these other taxes as well. What does it matter now that the poor class, the middle class, and the rich class, all have to pay more money now?

Last I checked this was the United States of America, and in this country people are expected to pay into the system instead of getting something from the system without paying in. Well, the system is having tough times and *everyone* has to pay more. This means that the poor class, middle class, and rich class have to pay more. There is no class of American to be exempt for this. We are a nation united and not a nation divided where one class has to put in and another does not. Let everyone pay more since things are very tough right now.

Think about the type of America that Obama wants to have for a second. He wants one group of Americans to pay more, while of course you can thank this one class of Americans for most of the things that the government does for people, since it comes from their wallets. He does not two other groups of Americans to pay more money, even though a sizable portion of those groups do not even have any “skin in the game”, and yet get all the benefits of the game.

Does it sound like fairness and equality when you force the one group that already puts the most into the system, while also being vilified, pay more while the other groups are not putting in or not putting in more, while also vilifying the group that does put into the game?

Let us get some equality and fairness, lets all go over the fiscal cliff together. This way we are all paying into the system and paying our fair share.

2012 Presidential Election Results

Here is some information on the Presidential Election results of the 2012 election.


Here are some numbers that they give:

Popular Vote- 120,887,981

Obama- 50.5%/ 61,128,734
Romney-  48.0%/ 58,138,521
Johnson- 0.9%/ 1,139,562
Stein- 0.3%/396,684
Barr- <0.1%/ 49,959
Anderson- <0.1%/ 34,521

Electoral Vote- 509*

Obama 303
Romeny 206

(* The Electoral vote is 538, but the result of Florida has not been added in, so the 29 votes missing belong to Florida.)

Obama received 50% of the popular vote and Romney obtained 48% of the popular vote. That is a 2% difference in popular vote between Obama and Romney. Obama received around 59% of the Electoral vote and Romney received 41%. There is a 18% difference in the electoral vote between Obama and Romney.  Obama did 9% better with the electoral vote than the popular vote, and Romney did 7% worse with the electoral vote than the popular vote. IOW, Obama did better with the electoral college than he did with the popular vote; Romney did better with the popular vote than he did with the electoral vote.

Think about this the next time you hear someone saying that there was a mandate for the Obama Administration and the Democratic Parties plans or ideas. The American public is split on this issue. It is not a nation united, like promised and hoped for and tried to change to back in 2008, but it is a divided country from what it especially once was. If you have someone tell you that there was an American mandate that supports Democratic policy, point out that the popular vote was only 2% difference between “American mandate” for Obama and “No American mandate” for Obama. Obama won handedly in the electoral college, but he definitely did not in the popular vote.

Where Half of Obama’s National Debt Came From

There was a  Presidential debate between Mitt Romeny and Barack Obama on October 3rd, 2012. This was the first Presidential debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Now what is interesting about this was not so much the debate itself, but some commentary on the debate. For example, PBS discussed and commented on some of the statements that the candidates made, and did some “fact checking”. Mark Shields happened to bring up one of the most interesting points of them all. The point they made was that half of the national debt incurred under Obama’s 1st term was based on pulling out of Iraq.

Now I want you to realize this, around 3 trillion dollars of around 6 trillions of national debt incurred under Obama’s first term. Under 2 terms of George W. Bush, around 4 trillion dollars were incurred on to the national debt. Now Bush lead the US into an undeclared war with both Afghanistan and Iraq, and Congress approved to continue to fund this undeclared war. And when this undeclared war was said to be officially over, US troops occupied those nations. These nations continued to be occupied up to the 2008 Presidential Election. Barack Obama said that he would bring the occupation troops in Iraq back home within 16 months of his election as President. By 2011 the last troops were pulled out, but don’t mind the huge embassy. But he did flip-flop on promises of when pull out would be done of occupation troops in Iraq. (They are literally military troops occupying land in a foreign nation.)

One of the big points made against Bush was that he used the national “credit card” to pay for the “Wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan. He used the credit cards to get us into these occupations of foreign nations, and the debt rose by 4 trillion in 8 years of Bush doing this, or 7 years at least. But Obama would use the national credit cards to pull out of Iraq alone, which costs nearly half of the debt incurred by using the credit card under Obama’s watch. Just think about that when you realize that the troops are back from occupying foreign lands, instead of being stationed at home with their families and community and defending the continental boarders and US owned land.

Point blank: Promised to get out by a certain date and does not pull out by that certain date, but also being ambiguous on when it will happen until it happens after it contradicts some earlier states. Raised the national debt more than his predecessor, while at the same time obtaining half of it pulling out of Iraq.

But let us be fare to Mr. Bush and Mr. Obama. They can only order where the troops go and when they come back. But Congress controls the revenue and distribution of the revenue. So the people using the national credit card where Congress. Just ignore that last important part and enjoy the hypocrisy of 21st politics.