Fiscal Cliff and Tax Increase

You might not have heard, but there is this “Fiscal Cliff” that the federal government is coming to. One of the big points about it is that if we do not come to a deal by the end of December, on January 1st everyone’s taxes will increase. President Obama happened to make the point that everyone’s taxes will increase, especially the 98% of Americans that make under 250,000 dollars.

Here’s my question: So what?

What does it matter that 98% of Americans, or every American, is going to have their taxes go up? Close to half of Americans don’t even pay income tax, while of course paying other taxes like those who do pay income tax have to pay these other taxes as well. What does it matter now that the poor class, the middle class, and the rich class, all have to pay more money now?

Last I checked this was the United States of America, and in this country people are expected to pay into the system instead of getting something from the system without paying in. Well, the system is having tough times and *everyone* has to pay more. This means that the poor class, middle class, and rich class have to pay more. There is no class of American to be exempt for this. We are a nation united and not a nation divided where one class has to put in and another does not. Let everyone pay more since things are very tough right now.

Think about the type of America that Obama wants to have for a second. He wants one group of Americans to pay more, while of course you can thank this one class of Americans for most of the things that the government does for people, since it comes from their wallets. He does not two other groups of Americans to pay more money, even though a sizable portion of those groups do not even have any “skin in the game”, and yet get all the benefits of the game.

Does it sound like fairness and equality when you force the one group that already puts the most into the system, while also being vilified, pay more while the other groups are not putting in or not putting in more, while also vilifying the group that does put into the game?

Let us get some equality and fairness, lets all go over the fiscal cliff together. This way we are all paying into the system and paying our fair share.