Repeal of the 5th Amendment

“No person shall…be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” 5th Amendment

I want to tell you all a story. There once was a country which was a country which fought two wars, and declared those wars over and went on to occupy those foreign nations with military personal. These occupying military force was constantly being attacked, and the media showed images, and told stories of, what was going on in those foreign nations. Many people came to dislike this situation and wanted to bring the troops back home.

These wars were going on with Commander-In-Chief’s permission. This CIC was known for violating people’s civil liberties, i.e. activities that citizens are protected from the governments interference, and torturing people. This CIC would use the Patriot Act, which repealed the 4th amendment. People did not like the occupations of other nations and with the violation of people’s civil liberties.

So someone ran to be CIC, and they promised to change the way things were done. They promised to bring all of our military personal occupying those foreign nations back home. They even promised to repeal the Patriot Act by letting it expire, they promised to repeal the repeal of the 4th amendment. But, sadly, this person who ran on Hope and Change, eventually succumbed to doing the same things, but taking it one step further.

This person who talked like a Dove ended up being a Hawk. This person continues the repeal of the 4th amendment and takes it further than his predecessor. Than, once he has taken away that civil liberty and exercises violation of people’s civil liberties with the seizing your property and body without judicial oversight, they can now kill you without judicial oversight. This is what has happened as of late with the CIC exercising this power, and it being front page news a major news outlet.

It is surprising how people do not talk about this much. Probably not talking about it much because this CIC will continue his predecessors tactics of having reporters arrested who report on events they don’t like. What makes it interesting is that we now have someone with the power to seize your body without judicial oversight and they can kill you without judicial oversight. It has gotten so bad that the CIC has a list of people on which either one of these things would happen to. This appears to be some of those powers in which the founders warned against.

Interesting how someone runs to restore your protected civil liberties, but instead takes another one of your civil liberties and intensifies the degree of violation of your civil liberties. This is the person that many people personally look upon favorably.