Blackwater and Obama Administration

I remember those times when George W. Bush was President of the United States of America, and used private contractors in Iraq or Afghanistan. There was definite notice of private contractors when they were caught shooting at civilians. This corporation was also used as security, instead of the people who actually serve in the United States military protecting US embassies and stations.

This was such a big media story about private contractors being used overseas instead of US military. But we heard that things would change when we had a new President. We would stop with these private contractors, with Blackwater. But it appears that things have not changed at all with a new President, the only difference is that the media is not talking about it like they use to with George W. Bush. Things just happened to have shown back up again with this new attack on the US Embassy in Libya.

Two people who worked at the US Embassy were killed, like the US Ambassador was killed. But also two private contractors were killed, who were ex-Navy SEALs . I wonder what private contractors were do defending the US Ambassador than US Marines or the US Military? Do we choose instead to give private corporations to defend our US officials?

I doubt that media will follow the clues now about what happened to the private wars that the private contractors are doing now. Hey, George W. Bush is not around anymore, so this stuff obviously stopped.



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